Company Overview


  •  Over 50 major mapped Gold/Copper Drilling Targets + Co/Ni potential
  •  Top tier mobile belt-average top 5 deposits each 100Moz Au/20Mt Cu
  •  PNG rated hight than NSW, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Zambia, Alberta, Philss, Indo, etc - overall 41/83 ranking (2018 Fraser Institute)
  •  Outstanding comparative market value proposition

Gryphon Melanesia, is one of the largest mineral tenement holders on mainland Papua New Guinea with c.3,400 km² in one of the most prospective but least explored porphyry copper/gold mobile belts in the world. This mobile belt hosts such major deposits as Grasberg, Porgera, OK Tedi, Frieda River, Wafi- Golpu & others, each averaging over 40 Moz. of gold equivalent ( 8 million tonnes of copper equivalent) in remaining reserve/resources and over 100 Moz. gold equivalent ( 20 Mt copper equivalent) in global resources.

  •  Gryphon, (GMM, via its wholly owned PNG subsidiary) an unlisted private Australian company has granted exploration leases over 3,400km (c.800,000acres) straddling the New Guniea Mobile Belt, one of the most prolific geological provinces in the world akin to the Ecuadorian/Chilean & other mobile belts - Cascabel, Chuquicamata, Escondida, El Teniente, Oyu Tolgoi, Majdanpek, Pebble, Bingham Canyon et al.
  •  The top 5 discoveries thus far in New Guinea average c.100 Moz gold equivalent/ 20 Mt copper equivalent in global resources and include Grasberg, the world's biggest gold deposit.
  • A good example of a Pacific Rim Mobile Belt environment porphyry copper/gold project similar in broad concept to that of the GMM project is the Solgold Project in Ecuador where the flagship Cascabel discovery in grass roots greenfield acreage is associated with over 3,000 km2 of exploration ground hosting many exploration prospects. http://www.solgold.com.au/   (11Mt copper, 23 Moz gold).
  • The most recent Frazer Institute annual report, based, inter alia, on a mix of prospectivity, mining law, sovereign stability and access to skilled labour,  quotes PNG as being well ahead of many other mining investment destinations such as NSW, Tasmania, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa, Columbia, Turkey & Bolivia.
  •  GMM has developed over 50 large targets based on geological mapping, remote sensing/aeromagnetics (some circular 6km in diameter) and there is abundant evidence of highly anomalous stream sediment samples (up to 200 g/t gold and 40 g/t platinum) and rock chip samples (up to 38 g/t gold). Between 1 to 3 Bn. m3 of variously auriferous alluvials & palaeoalluvials have been identified by a CPR. 80% of these where tested show visible gold in panned concentrates.
  •  A current CPR quotes "it is not unreasonable for the Company to focus on the discovery of one or more deposits of c. 25 Moz of gold equivalent." c.US$12M has been expended on historical and recent exploration.
  • GMM seeks funding to prioritise these targets for drilling using initial airborne EM/additional aeromagnetics and to test drill the top 3-6 prioritised targets to discovery. The programme can be completed within 18 months to two years.

        Outstanding Value Proposition : Gryphon's arguably closest PNG peer in terms of prospectivity, geological context & tenor of results to date is ASX listed         Gold Mountain (ASX:GMN) with ground in the PNG mobile belt close to Gryphon's.

  •  GMN's ASX market cap. is AU$44M (Nov. 2019).
  •  The total area of GMN's PNG tenements granted/renewed/applied for renewal is 2,137 km2www.goldmountainltd.com.au.
  •  The total area of GMM's tenements granted/renewed/applied for renewal  at 100% interest is 3,400 km2.

        Based on these parameters & estimates and assuming all of GMN's and GMM's tenements are renewed or granted, a clear "see through" comparative               benchmarked valuation of Gryphon based on comparative PNG acreage  is US$47M.

        Progressively and Sequentially Conditional Funding required is :

        Holding deposit/earnest/exclusive money                              US$150,000

        Year One - ends May 2020

        Airborne geophysics & subsequent ground investigation :     US$3M          49%

        Year Two

        Test drilling of top 3-6 targets :                                                US$8-15M

        Total including G&A :                                                            US$11-18M   75%


Gryphon Mining & Energy Melanesia Pty Ltd
ACN 607 077 654