Sustainability Advisory Council


Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security

  • An integrated, pro-active, organically self adapting CASHES policy is key to profit for the Company; without an effective CASHES programme in place, any project is doomed to eventual failure.

  • Mining companies are one of the biggest providers of effective employment in PNG; it is axiomatic that a clear and effective CASHES policy is mandatory.

  • If a community benefits effectively from the Company's activities, it will have a vested interest in assisting in the maintenance of an effective CASHES system.

  • An effective CASHES programme means that not only does the Company and the local community profit but that benefits flow to the nation as a whole.

Sustainability Advisory Council

Gregory Malien-Inaugural Councillor of the Gryphon Melanesia PNG Sustainability Advisory Council BSc. Mr Malien, a geologist by profession & a PNG national resident, holds a Bachelors Degree in Science (Geology) from UPNG and has twenty years of experience in the mineral and oil & gas industries, both in the private and public sectors in PNG. He has sixteen years of experience with the Frieda Copper-Gold deposits & good public relations with seven high impact villages of Frieda River with landowners; he hasworked both as a geologist and later with the government of West Sepik Province on both mineral & petroleum resource policies. He is currently completing a Masters Degree in GIS and Remote Sensing from Unitech.

Additional PNG professionals with profound knowledge of local communities and specialized knowledge in healthcare, education, security and environmental governance are under active consideration & this Council will assume greater responsibilities and importance as the Company grows in PNG - "Locals know what locals need!"

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